Thursday, November 8, 2012

Turkey Trot: Multi-Digit Subtraction

It's that time of year...our students need some SERIOUS movement activities! With the holiday break itch creeping up, I love any activity that offers a kinesthetic approach! This is tough when we are currently working on multi-digit subtraction and number sense...

I created this scoot-style activity called Turkey Trot Subtraction to offer my students a chance to practice their subtraction skills while getting to move around the classroom! During the activity, student use the included recording sheet to answer twelve multi-digit subtraction problems off of task cards hung around the room. I love finding random places in the room to put these- I even had one on the ceiling for them to find!
I have included the task cards in two sizes. The larger size is great for hanging around the room as the "scoot" activity, and the smaller size changes the activity to a great task card or center activity! My fifth graders worked really well with this activity- and was great to leave for my substitute plans during a BORING day of data professional development! I hope you find this to be a fun and useful activity in your classroom!



  1. I'm digging your blog name! We shared this with our readers, glad we found you! karen

  2. Thanks, Karen! I will be sure to visit your site, too!

  3. Hi there! I love your clip art. Can you tell me where you purchased it from, or did you create it? I am always looking for new clip art and I love the style of the turkeys! Thanks. I am your newest follower too. Stop by and check out my blog when you have a chance! Love the turkey subtraction!

  4. Hi! I would LOVE to say that I created this clip art, but I did not! The amazing Pink Cat Studio created it! She has come other cute clip art, as well! I can't wait to check out your blog! :)